KAWASAKI Z7 50 2004-2010 Pipercross Air Filter Part No. MPX078

PipercrossSKU: MPX078

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KAWASAKI ZR750 Z750 2004-2010 PIPERCROSS AIR FILTER PART NO MPX078 Directly replaces the air filter in your air box, over 30% more airflow over a standard paper filter, longer lifespan before cleaning required over cotton, easy cleaning, bench tested for improved fuel economy, power and torque outputs. The low maintenance and long lifespan aspects of a Pipercross filter come from the triple layer foam that is used on all Pipercross filters. the outer core course foam designed to trap large particles, the middle core is medium foam designed to trap most particles and the inner core is fine foam which will trap the remainder of the particles. the triple layer design ensures an exceptional level of engine protection in any conditions

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