Black Extendable/Red Selector


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Black Extendable/Red Selector Adaptors required for fitment. Click here to find Adaptors. ABE 91294 Certification TÜV Approved Weight: 100 grams Extendable and Foldable Lever Adjustable length of between 133mm and 153mm. Puig Hi-Tech Levers 3.0 are an evolution of the 2.0 levers. Available in a variety of colours. Styles to suit each rider including Fixed Foldable Short & Extendable Folding.Manufactured from Aluminium Puig Levers are both resilient and lightweight at a very reasonable price point.Easy to install the Levers will arrive carefully packaged together with comprehensive fitting instructions. No modification to your motorcycle is necessary but please remember that you will require adaptors (sold separately) to fit Puig Levers to your motorcycle.

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